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Dawn of Spies by Andrew Lane

Dawn of Spies by Andrew Lane

In this reimagined Robinson Crusoe, a teenage Crusoe and female companion Friday have been rescued from the island and returned to London. The two young people meet Daniel Defoe who offers to buy the story of their adventures. They refuse Defoe’s offer, but follow him out of curiosity. This leads them to the headquarters of Segment W, a spy operation that reports to the crown. Crusoe and Friday find themselves drawn into a life of intrigue as dangerous as the island they escaped.

Lane’s creative retelling of the Robinson Crusoe story will capture the attention of adventure loving readers. The characterization doesn’t really hold with the intended time period, but the story is entertaining. Whether or not readers are familiar with the original Crusoe story, Dawn of Spies is an adventurous tale of intrigue.

Recommended ages--12 and up

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