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About Me

Elementary school librarian, reader, teacher, mom, etc.!

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me using the form below.

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Why I Created Libby's Guide

To ease a guilty conscience. I love to read and I read a lot. By creating this site, I am sharing what I know with the world. When dirty dishes or unfolded laundry haunt my reading hours, I can convince myself that I am doing something more important.

To help parents find books for their kids. I know not every adult shares my love of children’s books, but plenty of parents care about what their kids are reading. They want their children to read and they want them to read good, clean books. All reviews included on this site are books I have read and feel comfortable recommending to friends and their children.

To do what is not popular. Especially in the area of teen books, there are some distressing trends. I don’t keep myself entirely free of these bestsellers. However, there is so much out there that is better—lighter, happier, cleaner, but just as exciting. I want to make teens and parents aware of those better books.

To stop the complaint “I don’t have anything to read.” I hate being without a good book and I love book suggestions. This site is a way of keeping my list of book suggestions available to all. Please return the favor and send suggestions my way.


I hope you enjoy Libby's Guide and share it with your friends.

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