Snow In Summer by Jane Yolen

This retelling of Snow White is placed in an Appalachian mountain village during the Great Depression. The setting adds interest to a short and well-known fairy tale. When Summer's mother dies, her father is crushed by grief. He spends every evening playing his banjo in the graveyard, but one evening is different. As he plays, he meets a strange and beautiful woman and soon the two are married. This seems to be the end of grief, but some things are not right. Although, he is no longer overcome by grief, Summer's father also no longer plays his banjo. He is slowly becoming weaker and more distanced from the world. Summer tries to please her Stepmamma, but she begins to see the evil behind the woman and is soon fighting for her own survival.

Snow in Summer is an interesting retelling that catches the essence of Snow White, but emphasizes some of the darkness. It is a good read for teenagers, but does deal with verbal and some physical abuse. Although the fairy tale theme is good for younger readers, I would suggest 12 and up.

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