Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Princess of Glass is a sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball, but enough back information is given that it can be read on its own. Having previously been cursed to dance each night since she was small, Princess Poppy recognizes an enchantment when she sees one. However, she struggles to help her friends recognize the evil that is trying to take over the kingdom of Breton. There is something sinister lurking behind the mysterious Lady Ella, who appears at all the balls and captivates all the men and infuriates all the women.

Jessica Day George presents an interesting version of the classic Cinderella where the 'fairy godmother' may be more nefarious than kindly. Her story is as magical as most fairy tales, but with a twist to the story we expect. In spite of the black magic, the story remains light and the characters entertaining. This new Cinderella is a fun and clean read for girls ages 10 and older.

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