My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison

Silly fluff and light entertainment, but the plot was surprisingly well done in this fairy tale gone wrong. When Savannah's boyfriend chooses her older sister Jane and she is left without a prom date, Savannah qualifies for help from a 'fair' godmother. Chrissy was a fair student in Fairy Godmother school and attempts to help Savannah for an extra credit project. As usual, Chrissy misinterprets wishes and sends Savannah first into a disaster of a Cinderella story. She next ends up as a Snow White, but the real disaster is when her friend Tristan is trapped in the Middle Ages until he becomes a prince. Savannah tries to help and the romantic comedy ensues.

This lighthearted fairy tale retelling is a fun read aimed toward older teens, but clean enough for tweens. There isn't a lot of depth, but it is entertaining and appropriate for the age group.__________

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