Another Pan by Daniel and Dina Nayeri

Another Pan is a much darker version of Peter Pan placed in a more modern age with hints of Egyptian mythology sprinkled throughout. Wendy and John Darling are students at Marlowe, an elitist New York high school, because their father is a member of the faculty. They are embarrassed by their father's obsession with Egyptology until they begin working on a special exhibit arranged for the school. They meet Peter, a mysterious new RA, and his gang of boys who refer to themselves as the LBs. Soon Wendy and John are swept up in Peter's quest to find 'bone dust', a dust in the bones of certain mummies and purported to bring eternal life. Strangely, these bones are found in a part of the Egyptian underworld that has relocated to beneath the Marlowe school.

For readers expecting a flying and light-hearted Peter with a harmless crush on sweet, motherly Wendy, this is quite a different story. The evil in Another Pan is much deeper than bumbling Captain Hook and Peter's selfish desire for immortality is more cutting. In spite of the darker feel, the story is well constructed and exciting to read. I listened to the audio book excellently read by Katherine Kelgren. The story is clean and appropriate for teen readers, but a little too dark and suspenseful for younger children.

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