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Ghost Knight by Cornelia Funke

When Jon Whitcroft continues to make life difficult for his mother's new boyfriend (The Beard), he is sent to boarding school in Salisbury. Jon is determined to hate the school and everyone in it, but soon finds himself in greater trouble than holding on to his bad attitude. Soon after he arrives, Jon begins seeing ghosts who call him by his mother's maiden name and openly state their goal to kill him.

Ella Littlejohn hears Jon's stories of ghosts and convinces him to call on the ghost of William Longspee, a knight supposedly devoted to helping the weak. Together, Ella and Jon meet Longspee and their adventures begin. They learn about courage, loyalty, and friendship among ghosts and humans alike.

Although the premise for this story seems dark, the ghosts are more comical than frightening. William Longspee is a hero to be admired and Jon and Ella's friendship with him is delightful to read about. Funke writes beautifully as usual and the version I read included lovely illustrations, bringing back memories of my own visit to Salisbury Cathedral.

Recommended for ages 8 and up.

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