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Just One Wish by Janette Rallison

Just One Wish by Janette Rallison

Completely unbelievable, but filled with hope, determination, and family love, Just One Wish is the story of Annika Truman who will go to any length to cure her little brother's cancer. Although a little far-fetched, this entertaining story is light yet meaningful and heart-felt.

Relying on the power of positive thinking, Annika tells her brother Jeremy that a genie gave her three wishes and she is giving him the final two. She expects her brother to wish for a Teen Robin Hood action figure, but finds herself scrambling when he wishes to meet Teen Robin Hood himself. Most of the book describes Annika's struggles to get close enough to the teen celebrity and convince him to spend enough time to meet her brother.

With a little predictability, but also a few plot twists, Just One Wish is a good book for those who love a modern and more realistic, magic-less fairy tale. It is perfect for readers 11 and up with some life lessons, but without great depth.

Recommended for girls ages 10-14

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