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Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli

Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli

Jake and Lily Wambold are twins so inseparable that they can read each other's thoughts. They can't play hide and seek, because they always know where to find each other. But the summer they turn twelve, things begin to change. Jake makes some new friends and Lily feels abandoned and lost without her brother. At first she reacts in anger, but then her Poppy inspires her to find her 'just Lily' life. As Lily finds her own life, she learns more about herself and others. Jake, through his experiences on his own, learns about himself as well.

Told from the journal writings of both twins, Jake and Lily is a wonderful story of finding yourself and where you belong. Although it focuses on twins, the book echoes feelings most kids deal with through the tween years. With both a male and female protagonist, it is a perfect for tween boys and tween girls. Jake and Lily are likeable characters with believable experiences. Their story teaches the importance of relying on your family as well as yourself.

Recommended for ages-9-12.

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