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Hush: An Irish Princess's Tale by Donna Jo Napoli

Hush:  An Irish Princess's Tale by Donna Jo Napoli

Melkorka is an Irish princess living a privileged life in medieval Ireland. When she and her young sister are kidnapped by a Russian slave ship, Melkorka is plunged into the unfamiliar struggles of poverty and servitude. In her grief, she takes a vow of silence, but soon learns her silence is the key to survival. Her captors and masters are fascinated by her silence, giving her more power than a typical slave.

Hush is the story of Melkorka's journey from a royal home in Ireland, through medieval Europe, to find her place among the Vikings of Iceland. Her journey gives insight into the slave trade and Viking culture. It is a painful and realistic story of a young girl pulled away from everything she knows. The writing is well-researched and developed, and it doesn't avoid the harshness of a hard life. The story is engaging, but not for readers expecting 'happily ever after.'

Recommended for ages-13 and up.

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