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Captain Awesome to the Rescue by Stan Kirby

Captain Awesome to the Rescue by Stan Kirby

I love this series for no other reason than the other morning my 6 year old got out of bed and said, Mom, I'm going to go downstairs and read. He enjoys listening to books, but this is the first time he read a full chapter book on his own and was motivated to grab the next one. Also, the main character doesn't use potty humor or incorrect grammar to grab the reader's attention. He may call his little sister Queen Stinkypants, but I can handle that.

Eugene McGillicudy seems like a regular boy, but his secret identity is Captain Awesome, a superhero out to save the world from villains like Queen Stinkypants. When Eugene's family moves and he starts at a new school, his challenges get larger than an evil little sister. In Captain Awesome to the Rescue, Eugene faces a new nemesis, finds a sidekick, and makes a new friend. This fun series is great for early readers and isn't too excruciating for the adults who might need to listen to them read aloud.

Recommended ages-5-8 years, great for readers transitioning to chapter books

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