Fergus Crane (Far Flung Adventures #1) by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Fergus Crane is a new favorite for our entire family. The captivating story kept my eleven-year-old's interest, but wasn't too scary for my five-year-old. The wonderful illustrations made it a fun read aloud with plenty of pausing to discuss the pictures. This same author/illustrator pair also has a young adult series called the Edge Chronicles that I am excited to try as well.

This first Far Flung Adventure features Fergus Crane. With his father missing at sea, Fergus and his mother are scraping by with her meager salary from Beiderbecker's Bakery. They consider themselves lucky when Fergus is awarded a scholarship from The School Ship Betty-Jeanne so he can finally receive an education. However, one night Fergus receives a message from a mysterious flying box. It warns him of great danger and is signed by his 'long lost Uncle Theo.' Soon Fergus finds himself in the middle of an adventure that takes him to faraway lands and changes his life. Be prepared for a fun story, but a cliff-hanger ending that will lead you to more Far Flung Adventures.

Recommended ages-5 and up

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