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Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen

As Robin Hood's main thief and informant, Will Scarlet sticks to the shadows. He tries not to be noticed, because he is hiding more than stolen goods. Everyone knows Will steals for the poor, but only Robin, John, and Much know he is actually a grumpy, knife-throwing girl. Scarlet hides from the world, but she holds more secrets than just her gender.

While working with 'the Hood' to save the poor, Scarlet struggles knowing whom to trust. She knows John is a flirt and Much is a friend, but she is drawn to Rob. Unsure of how much to rely on Rob, Scarlet struggles to find her place in this band of brothers. It will take the threat of both the Sheriff of Nothingham and Guy of Gisbourne for Scarlet to realize what she will sacrifice for Rob and his band. This surprising new take on the legend of Robin Hood brings life to the story and depth to the traditional characters. It is an enjoyable book for adventure lovers, but even more captivating for Robin Hood fans longing for a strong, medieval heroine.

Recommended ages-13 and up

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