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The Queen's Lady (Lacey Chronicles #2) by Eve Edwards

The Queen's Lady (Lacey Chronicles #2) by Eve Edwards

For Lady Jane, now the Dowager Marchioness of Rievaulx, fortune is not a luxury, but a curse. Before his death, her husband arranged protection for Jane by placing her in service as one of Queen Elizabeth's ladies in waiting. However, even that position doesn't prevent Jane's father from trying to force Jane into a marriage that will benefit his business. Also, her stepsons are working to steal Jane's fortune as well as her dowry.

While Jane faces these trials, the man she loves is facing troubles of his own. James Lacey is burdened with the horrors he saw during a military campaign in the Low Countries. James's brother is sure the best cure is to join Sir Walter Raleigh's expedition to the New World. This second book in the Lacey Chronicles paints a detailed and intriguing picture of Elizabethan England. The characters are complex with interesting personalities and compelling problems. This is an interesting story on its own, but a particularly good read for any who want to experience the England of Queen Elizabeth, Walter Raleigh, and Shakespeare.

Recommended ages-14 and up

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