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Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli

Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli

Jeffrey Magee was a normal kid with a normal life, but after his parents died his life changed. When he finally made it to the town of Two Mills, Jeffrey became Maniac Magee and his life became legend. Some talked about his fast running feet and flapping sneakers. Others talked about his skill with a football or his amazing ability to untangle any knot. Maniac Magee was known for many skills, but his greatest accomplishment was bringing the kids of the East side and the West side together.

This beautifully crafted book tells the story of a remarkable boy who untangled Cobble's knot, but also untangled a long standing knot of prejudice and misunderstanding. Spinelli tells a captivating story with powerful characters, but he also teaches valuable lessons. Without lecture and only profound storytelling, Spinelli educates about homelessness, prejudice and illiteracy. His story makes us wish for a friend like Maniac Magee and makes us grateful we have somewhere to call home.

Recommended Ages--9 and up

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