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Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

In this sequel to Tuesdays at the Castle , Celie continues to map Castle Glower's ever changing rooms. However, the Castle is acting very strange and has everyone concerned. The Castle leads Celie to new tower, but this one hides a mysterious giant egg. Celie cares for the egg and eventually raises the griffin that hatches from it, but the Castle insists she keep it a secret. As the Castle's changes become more erratic and unexplained, Celie worries that the Castle is under attack from some unseen force.

This fantasy is fun for the entire family. Our family enjoyed reading it aloud together and it is a good fit for all ages and genders. However, readers should be warned that, unlike the last book, this book ends on a significant cliffhanger. If you hate being kept in suspense, you might want to wait until the third book in the series is published.

Recommended ages--8 and up

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