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Annie Between the States by L.M. Elliott

Annie Between the States by L.M. Elliott

Annie Sinclair has enjoyed a peaceful and prosperous life on her family's estate in Virginia, but when the Civil War begins her home is caught in the line of battle. Her oldest brother Laurence joins the Confederate soldiers and her younger brother Jamie longs to be old enough to join ��Ïthe cause.�۝ Annie is a loyal southern girl and twice warns Confederate Soldiers about Union traps. However, when she meets a wounded Union officer who shares her love of poetry and also shares his views about slavery, Annie begins to question the reasons behind the fighting.

As Annie experiences the hardships and sacrifices of war, the reader gets a clear picture of the unique conflict that made the American Civil War. Elliott aptly shows the tension of families fighting on opposing sides and the strong sense of homeland that soldiers fought to preserve. The history is quite thorough, including battles and soldiers movements that all coincide with Annie's life. This is a great book for history enthusiasts and includes great characters with an intriguing storyline, but readers who like non-stop action might get a little bogged down with the war history. I highly recommend Annie, Between the States for readers who want a view that shows balance between the cause of the South and the North.

Recommended ages--14 and up

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