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Providence by Lisa Colozza Cocca

Providence by Lisa Colozza Cocca

When Becky hides in a freight car to escape her angry father, she has no idea how that choice will change her life. Becky soon realizes she shares the train car with an abandoned newborn and together they end up in Watson's Grove, Georgia. With a needy baby and no friends or contacts, Becky does her best to survive in a new town and a new life. While buying clothes for Baby Girl, Becky meets Rosie, an old woman who owns the town's second hand store. Rosie offers Becky a job and the three become an unlikely, but loving family.

Providence is a heartwarming story about the power of friendship and the importance of helping others. While not a book for adventure lovers seeking a fast moving plot, Watson's Grove is filled with endearing and quirky characters who illustrate the beauty and hope of a small and helpful community. It is a good book about leaving a painful past and finding a bright future.

Recommended ages-12 and up

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