Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

This delightfully whimsical book is one of my new favorites. Flora Belle, a self-proclaimed cynic, is a lonely ten-year-old girl obsessed with comic books. Ignored by her mother and separated from her father, Flora is looking for friendship and meaning in her life. When a neighborhood squirrel is sucked up by a runaway vacuum, Flora finds her friend. Ulysses emerges from the vacuum with super strength, enhanced intelligence, and an insatiable hunger. Together, Flora and Ulysses begin to defeat villains, fight evil, and bring love and beauty back into the world.

With poetic writing by Kate DiCamillo and magical illustrations by K.G. Campbell, Flora and Ulysses is both a superhero comic and a loveable children's story. The story is at times painful, humorous, and even profound. Flora and Ulysses are characters who will be loved and cheered by both children and parents. This book is a perfect family read because it appeals to all ages and teaches the value of words and family. The reading level is perfect for middle grade readers, but it is a story for the whole family.

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