The Lost Kingdom by Matthew J. Kirby

Billy Bartram dreams of accompanying his father on one of his expeditions through the American wilderness, but when the invitation comes, the adventure is not what Billy expected. Traveling in a flying aeroship, Billy joins his father's secret society of philosophers and scientist on a special quest. They are searching for the lost kingdom of the Welsh Prince Madoc to seek help in an oncoming war against the French. However, a host of unexpected dangers hinder their progress.

In The Lost Kingdom , Matthew Kirby combines historical characters with fantasy. He creates a wild and alternate America with lost civilizations and fantastical creatures. Explorers experience strange landscapes, a giant bear-wolf and mastodon-like Incognitum. History and imagination combine to create a compelling adventure story perfect for tween readers. This book is also great entertainment for American colonial history lovers. however, they must be open to an alternate reality.

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