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Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper

Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper

Little Hawk is eleven-years-old when his father takes him into the winter wilderness to survive for three months all alone. Supplied with a bow, an axe, a knife, and the clothes on his back, Little Hawk must find his spiritual Manitou and become a man. The wilderness is perilous, but more danger is arriving for Little Hawk and his people. White strangers from across the sea come with a desire for land and distrust for the native inhabitants.

Through the eyes of Little Hawk and John Wakeley, one of the young settlers, Susan Cooper presents a unique view of the settlement of the 'New World.' She shows the compassion and kindness of some people from both cultures, but she also shows the ignorance and intolerance of others. Ghost Hawk shows American colonial history from a new perspective that will teach readers the importance of respecting different cultures and beliefs.

Recommended ages-9 and up

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