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One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Growing up in Las Vegas with her fun, but less than responsible mother, Carley Conners has learned to be tough. She takes care of herself, rarely trusts others, and NEVER cries. But when Carley is put into foster care with the Murphys, her view of the world starts to crumble. To protect herself, Carley keeps her distance, but she learns that happy and loving families do exist. The young Murphy boys force her to love them, but Mrs. Murphy helps Carley the most. Carley learns she is a girl with gifts and is worthy of others' love.

One for the Murphys is a story of pain, hope, love, and humor. Carley's life is hard and at times painful to read about, but Julie Murphy is the hero we hope all foster kids can find. This book is perfect for tween readers in all types of family situations. It will help kids with happy families appreciate their blessings and recognize that life isn't peaceful for everyone. For those in less positive circumstances, Carley's story inspires hope that the future can be brighter. Also, Carley's thoughts and experiences show that there are positive aspects to many situations. One for the Murphys is a beautiful book to teach children love is powerful no matter where it is found.

Recommended ages-10 and up

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