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The Unnaturalists by Tiffany Trent

The Unnaturalists by Tiffany Trent

In New London, a steampunk London evolved from one of Tesla's experiments, the Church of Science and Technology reigns and magic is shunned. Magical creatures are contained and catalogued in the Museum of Unnatural History. Vespa Nyx dreams of being a Pedant in the museum, but a series of events reveals that she is New London's only surviving witch. Syrus Reed's Tinker clan respects and protects the Unnatural creatures New Londoners despise. When his family is captured and taken to be refinery slaves, Syrus must rely on Vespa's new found powers to save himself and all of New London.

The Unnaturalists is a perfect book for lovers of Victorian London with a steampunk twist. Trent creates a world and characters with both a historical and magical feel. Science and logic are religion, but magic is inescapable. Her characters and their adventures are as complex as her new world. Vespa is a plucky heroine conflicted by her religious upbringing and her new understanding of the magical world. She and Syrus fight against tradition to revive the magic that can save New London. Their exciting struggle resolves without a cliffhanger, but leaves room for future books in a fun, new series.

Recommended ages-13 and up

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