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Who Was Series by Various Authors

Who Was Series by Various Authors

The Who Was Series provides biographies of interesting people in history targeted for elementary grade readers. The larger print, short chapters, and frequent illustrations keep the interest of young readers transitioning from easy readers. The books also include educational highlights that teach about important historical events. At the back of the books, writers include a timeline of the famous person's life placed next to a timeline of major world events occurring at the same time. For students doing research, there is also a bibliography pointing readers to other books and information about the person's life.

The Who Was Series highlights figures from early history through modern times. They feature over fifty famous people, and the number of Who Was books grows all the time. I read Who Was Mozart, Who Was Ben Franklin, Who Was Anne Frank, Who Was Roald Dahl, Who Was Davie Crockett, and Who Is Neil Armstrong , but didn't even put a dent in the books at my library. The books cover people of all ages, times, and interest areas. The Who Was Series is a valuable resource for introducing young readers to famous people throughout time.

Recommended ages--7-10 years old

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