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Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs

Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs

Gloria Bishop doesn't know what to expect when she heads off to the summer camp she has labeled Geek Camp. The University of Kentucky provides summer camp scholarships to the brightest Kentucky high school seniors to convince them to spend their college years at UK. Intrigued by the lack of description and the requirement to leave all technology home, Gloria signs up for the course titled Secrets of the Written Word. What follows is a magical summer of self-discovery and unexpected friendships. Gloria learns about herself, her state, and the world, but her most important lessons come from the people she meets. Initially skeptical about her roommates and fellow classmates, Gloria comes to appreciate their different opinions and unique personalities.

The writing in Breakfast Served Anytime is lovely and the characters are captivating. Gloria and her Geek Camp friends cover a wide spectrum of personalities and world views with plenty of humor and witty dialogue. I especially enjoyed their camp experience because it mirrored much of my wonderful freshman year of college-on my own, living with new and interesting people, and learning new ways to look at the world. Breakfast Served Anytime captures that joy of learning and building new relationships as students expand their world and learn to value differences.

Recommended ages-14 and up

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