The Shadow Throne (The Ascendance Trilogy #3) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

War has finally come to Carthya. Prince Jaron faces both physical and psychological battles and he struggles to save his kingdom. As usual, Jaron's greatest strength and his greatest weakness are the people he loves. Enemies use his friends to lure him into traps, influence his actions, and cripple him. However, in spite of hardships, loyalty and trust prove to be Jaron's best weapons.

With The Shadow Throne , Nielsen provides a satisfying conclusion to The Ascendance Trilogy. The fast-paced adventure is perfect for teen and tween readers looking for battles and intrigue. Jaron retains his brilliant personality. My only disappointment with this final book is Jaron has less interaction with his friends. Characterization is put on the sidelines in favor of plot. However, the plot is intricate and well-written for adventure seekers. It is exciting, but remains uplifting and age appropriate.

Recommended ages-11 and up

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