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First Light by Rebecca Stead

First Light by Rebecca Stead

Thea has never seen the sun. Generations ago, her people were labeled as witches and threatened with extinction. To survive, they created an arctic, underground civilization where they have lived ever since. However, space and food are now dwindling. Thea dreams of exploring the world above to help her people expand their home, but the Council opposes her plans.

Peter longs for adventure and finds it when he joins his parents on an expedition to Greenland. While there, he struggles with a series of strange visions and headaches. As Peter tries to understand his visions, he is drawn closer to Thea's hidden home. First Light is an exciting story of adventure, determination, and family love. Set in the beautiful arctic north, this mystery will entertain lovers of contemporary fiction and fantasy. The intended audience is tween readers, but younger and older readers will also find the story age appropriate and enjoyable.

Recommended ages-10-14 years old

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