The Arctic Code (The Dark Gravity Sequence Book 1) by Matthew J. Kirby

Not far in the future, a new ice age is gripping the world. Glaciers cover most land masses forcing humanity to settle nearer and nearer the equator. Eleanor Perry lives in Phoenix where temperatures stay mostly above zero. However, Eleanor's mother, a climatologist, is currently stationed in the Arctic trying to solve the energy crisis. When Dr. Perry sends Eleanor confidential information and then goes missing, Eleanor is determined to save her mother. She travels to the Arctic and finds herself trapped by politics and the harsh, frozen landscape, but Eleanor will not give up.

This fast-paced Arctic adventure will entertain a variety of middle grade and tween readers. The young characters are intelligent and realistic and their journey is memorable. A good pick for adventure lovers, The Arctic Code also teaches valuable lessons about friendship and family loyalty.

Recommended ages--10 and up

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