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Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Sydney Stanford has always been invisible, eclipsed by her charismatic older brother. Even when Peyton becomes consumed by addiction and is sent to jail for crippling a boy in a drunk driving accident, Sydney's parents continue to focus all their attention on him. Feeling alone, Sydney struggles to find her place in a family that is falling apart.

When Sydney meets the Chatham family, they are a welcome contrast to her cold home life. Sydney is drawn to spunky Layla, whose bright personality demands attention. Layla hears the truth of Sydney's problems and stands by her. But it is Layla's older brother Mac whose attention and concern help Sydney know she isn't really invisible after all. Saint Anything is a story about realistic and difficult problems and how the power of friendship helps overcome those problems.

Recommended ages 13 and up

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