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Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage

As a baby, Mo LeBeau flowed into the small town of Tupelo Landing on the flood of a hurricane. She has searched for her "upstream mother" for eleven years with no success. However, Mo enjoys a good life with the Colonel, a cafe owner who has forgotten his own past, and Miss Lola, a spitfire woman who showed up in Tupelo Landing not long after Mo. When a strange lawman comes to town and a mysterious murder threatens the peace of the small community, Mo is determined to solve the mystery and save the people she loves.

Three Times Lucky is an engaging mystery with plenty of twists. It is also a wonderful collection of heartwarming and quirky characters you would love to meet. Written for middle grade readers, Three Times Lucky is perfect for tweens and adults alike. Mo and her best friend Dale make a perfect sleuthing duo that will capture the hearts of all ages. The story is suspenseful enough for older readers, but remains gentle enough to be elementary school appropriate.

Interest level--10 and up

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