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Ash and Bramble by Sarah Prineas

Ash and Bramble

Ash and Bramble is a twisted fairy tale that will make readers question all they believe about ‘happily ever after.’ The story begins in the fortress of the Godmother where the characters live in cruel captivity. In harsh conditions they create magical dresses, glass slippers and other fairy tale items. Anyone who dares defy the Godmother meets flogging and even death. Like all fairy tale heroes, Pin and Shoe face unbeatable odds in an attempt to overcome evil. However, in this tale the worst evil might be the story itself. This book started slowly for me, but by the end I was captivated. I love how Prineas included many fairy tale conventions while completely changing my view on all the traditional stories. This is a good read for fairy tale lovers who are open to a new idea of ‘happily ever after.’ Recommended ages 12 and up

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