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Journey's End by Rachel Hawkins

Nolie Stanhope loves ghost stories and spooky legends, but Bel McKissick is purely practical. In spite of their differences, the two girls become fast friends when Nolie comes to visits Bel’s Scottish town of Journey’s End. Nolie is fascinated by the Boundary, a thick fog off the coast that never dissipates and is rumored to swallow any ships or people that enter it. For Bel, the Boundary is just how her family makes a living--giving tourists boat trips to the edge and selling souvenirs. However, when the Boundary starts moving toward the coast and people start to disappear, Nolie and Bel are determined to save Journey’s End. Journey’s End is Rachel Hawkins first middle grade book and she writes just as adeptly for this audience as she does for teens. Nolie and Bel are delightful characters and the village of Journey’s End is intriguing. The story manages to be slightly spooky without getting too frightening or dark for a young audience. This is a great book for young readers who enjoy magic, mystery, and stories about friendship. Recommended Ages--9-13 years old

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