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Trouble by Gary D. Schmidt


Henry Smith's father always says if you build your house far away from Trouble, then Trouble will never find you. But when Henry's older brother Franklin is hit by a truck and critically injured, Trouble comes to stay. Because the driver of the truck is Chay Chouan, a Cambodian boy from Franklin's preparatory school, the accident sparks racial tension in the town and Henry's family is caught in the middle. As Henry struggles with his emotions, he escapes to climb Mt. Katahdin, a hike he planned to do with Franklin. On the road he meets Chay Chouan who is running from his own problems back home. Together, Henry and Chay learn to deal with Trouble that sometimes won't go away. Schmidt's powerful coming of age novel tells a touching story of grief, learning, and hope. With prose as beautiful as ever, Schmidt also illustrates the danger of prejudice and the power of loyalty. His story is an important one for teens and tweens to experience and could initiate important family discussions. Recommended ages--12 and up

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