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Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

Okay for Now

I can’t rave enough about Gary D. Schmidt. He exposes the pain of human frailty, but balances it perfectly with the beauty of human strength and kindness. In Okay for Now it is the summer of 1968 and Doug Swieteck and his family move to Marysville, New York. Doug struggles with an abusive father, a delinquent older brother, and a judgmental community in ‘stupid Marysville.’ But as Doug continues his Saturday grocery deliveries, he begins to see value and even encouragement and love in his new hometown. Told from Doug’s endearing ‘skinny thug’ point of view, Okay for Now is a powerful coming of age story that will touch all ages. Readers will laugh, cry, and even scream along with Doug through adventures large and small. This is a wonderful audio book, but reads just as beautifully on your own. One of my new favorites! Recommended ages--10 and up

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