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Skink No Surrender by Carl Hiassen

Skink No Surrender

Richard loves his cousin Malley, even though she is a spoiled, impulsive teen who has run away from home several times. However, when Malley runs off with a guy she met online, Richard knows this time she might not come home. The police lose Malley's trail and Richard turns to Skink, a one-eyed, ragged old war veteran who seems mentally unstable. Luckily, Skink is just crazy enough to search through the Florida swamps for a missing girl and her kidnapper.

Together, Skink and Richard face the dangerous swamps, violent storms, and angry alligators to bring Malley home. Carl Hiassen's Skink No Surrender is a wild adventure filled with tall tale-like characters and events. In the middle of outrageous circumstances, there are also valuable lessons about loyalty, justice, and even environmental conservation. This adventure is great for tweens who like adventure with a moral to the story.

Recommended ages--11 and up

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