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Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff

Lost in the Sun

Although Trent hopes for a fresh start in middle school, he knows he is trapped by his past--especially in a small town where no one forgets. Trent dreams of going back in time and never joining the ice hockey game where he accidentally hit Jared Richards in the chest with a hockey puck. That accidental hit triggered a heart defect that left Jared dead and Trent rejected by everyone. Even Trent’s father no longer trusts him and accuses him of anger issues.

Life gets better when Fallon Little becomes Trent’s friend. With her unexplained facial scar, Fallon is also on the outside, but she helps lighten Trent’s world with her fearless confidence. But will Fallon’s friendship be strong enough to overcome the suspicion that follows Trent? Lost in the Sun is a painful story of grief along with a powerful story of friendship. Middle school readers with relate to the characters and enjoy their story of finding themselves. A wonderful story covering difficult issues with grace and insight.

Recommended ages 12 and up

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