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Absolutely Almost by Lisa Graff

Absolutely Almost

Albie gives everything his best effort, but people tell him it is only almost good enough. When he moves to a new school, Albie hopes things will be different. He meets one friend and even almost enjoys his new math club. However, Albie still can't seem to fit in or make people happy. Calista, Albie's new almost babysitter, understands him and tries her best to help, but will anyone else ever recognize his strengths?

Absolutely Almost is a powerful story of a fifth grader struggling to understand a world where he doesn't fit. Albie is a compassionate and insightful character with a strong and perceptive presence. His experience gives voice to anyone who struggles academically or socially and just doesn't know why. Albie's story creates empathy and a strong connection for both young and old readers.

Suggested ages--9 and up

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