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These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

Jo Montfort lives a sheltered life as one of the elite in 1890’s New York City. However, when her father dies in a gun cleaning accident, Jo can’t accept the story of his death. With the help of a rising newspaper reporter, Jo searches for the truth behind her father’s death. Each clue leads Jo into a darker part of New York, shattering her naive view of the city and its privileged class. The truth also exposes Jo and her new friends to a danger they might not be able to escape.

These Shallow Graves is historical fiction with a large dose of mystery and adventure. In their search for truth, Jo and Eddie face danger from the crime ridden poor as well as the corrupt rich in the diverse and restless city of New York. The mystery is intriguing and the history is educational, making this a good book for a wide variety of teen readers.

Recommended ages 12 and up

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