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Valiant by Sarah McGuire


As the daughter of a famous tailor, Saville hates the fabric that claims all her father's attention. But when her father becomes ill, Saville must sew to support her family. She disguises herself as a boy and begs to sew for the king. Her sewing skills capture the king's attention, but when an army of giants threatens the kingdom Saville is caught up in court politics and the threat of war. It will take quick thinking and great bravery to protect the people she loves.

In Valiant, Sarah McGuire reinvents the lesser known tale of "The Brave Little Tailor." She adds plot twists and depth to a simple story but retains the traditional message that everything is not always as it appears. Saville is a complex character and her adventures will entertain tween and teen readers who love a good fairy tale.

Recommended ages--11 and up

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