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The Lightning Queen by Laura Resau

On the Hill of Dust in the lonely mountains of Mexico, Teo’s life is isolated and uneventful. Everything changes when Esma, Queen of Lightning and the Gypsy caravan roll into town. Teo is drawn to Esma’s vibrant energy. He is even more intrigued when the fortune teller proclaims Teo and Esma ‘friends for life’ even though a friendship between the two cultures is forbidden. That fateful summer creates a bond between Teo and Esma powerful enough to to overcome prejudice, danger, distance, and time.

The Lightning Queen is a beautifully written tale of friendship and coming of age with a hint of mystery. Resau’s descriptions and characters bring the Romani and Mixteco Indian cultures to life. Young readers can relate to Teo and Esma’s friendship while learning about their unique cultures and life experiences. This book is one of my new favorites for middle grade and tween readers.

Recommended ages--10 and up

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