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The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors

Emmeline Thistle was born a dirt-scratcher's daughter, one of a scorned group exiled to a life farming the Flatlands. Even among these outcasts, Emmeline is an outsider. Left to die in the woods as a baby because of a curled foot, she survived and now is considered strange and unlucky. Emmeline's life changes when a flood destroys her home village and she is swept downriver. In the home of her rescuers, she discovers her legendary and magical ability--churning cream into chocolate.

The ability to create chocolate, a lost and coveted delicacy, turns Emmeline from an outcast to the most sought after woman in Anglund. However, people desiring wealth and power are willing to do anything to control Emmeline and her gift while she wants only to be loved for herself. This magical story is perfect for fairytale lovers who also appreciate depth. Emmeline's story reveals her search for personal strength and lessons about the power of kindness.

Recommended ages--11 and up

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