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Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold

The Kids of Appetite are a self-made family tied by heartache and loss. Each member has a story and together their stories will change each other and the way they look at life. But more important than the stories are the characters themselves. Baz, Zuz, Coco, Mad, and Vic are unique and real in a way that captures you and pulls you through the book. Switching between the voices of Mad and Vic, the story stops and starts and intertwines with poetic beauty.

I have trouble describing this book, because it is different from any I have ever read, but I loved it. It is a celebration of the variety of people and experiences and shows we can find “beauty in asymmetry.” As Coco says, “They lived and they laughed and they saw that it was good.” If you like quirky characters and beautiful language, this is a great book for you. (No inappropriate scenes, but the language is harsh in a few places.)

Recommended ages--14 and up

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