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Restart by Gordon Korman

Restart by Gordon Korman

When Chase Ambrose wakes up in the hospital, he doesn’t remember anything about his life. He doesn’t remember falling of the roof. He doesn’t remember his family. And he doesn’t remember who he is. When Chase resumes his life, he gets mixed reactions. His football buddies treat him like a returning hero, until they learn his head injury will keep him from playing. Other students seem angry at him or even afraid. From what people tell Chase and from what he begins to remember, Chase wonders if he likes who he was and he still isn’t sure who he is.

Chase makes new friends and starts a new life, but some people don’t want him to change. Will he be able to break away from his past and become the Chase he really wants to be? Restart is an intriguing middle school novel with a wide cast of characters that kids can relate to. Chase’s experience shows the best and worst of middle school life, but also presents a hopeful look at the power of change. Restart is a new favorite for my middle school and tween recommendations.

Recommended ages--10 and up

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