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Once Upon a Marigold by Jean Ferris

Once Upon a Marigold

Christian is in love with Princess Marigold. After watching her from his cave and chatting with her over p-mail (carrier pigeon service), Christian knows Marigold is the girl for him. However, he is a commoner living in a cave with a troll for a foster father. Instead of courting the princess himself, he has to watch as Queen Olympia brings strings of suitors to the castle in an attempt to marry off her youngest daughter.

When Christian realizes the Queen’s plan for Marigold might be more nefarious than a simple forced marriage, he has to find the courage and creativity to save his best friend. This light-hearted fairy tale includes a host of comically lovable characters. Perfect entertainment for readers both young and old, it provides humor and wisdom wrapped up in a delightful tale. This is one of my new favorites for families to enjoy together.

Recommended --all ages

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