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Royals by Rachel Hawkins


When her sister becomes engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland, Daisy Winters thinks she can stay out of the spotlight. However, she underestimates just how hard the tabloids will work to find a little gossip. In an attempt to combat bad press, the royal family insists Daisy leave her small town in Florida and spend her summer break in Scotland. But will life in Scotland prevent scandal or just cause more of it? And who is the real problem--Daisy or the royal siblings?

Lighthearted and completely predictable, Royals is appropriately timed. It is a perfect story for teens and tweens caught up in the current royal wedding and all attending gossip. Hawkins does a great job with humor and characterization to give her Princess story a life of its own. The storyline is pure fluff and fun, but some of the characters do add a little depth. A good, clean summer read.

Recommended ages--12 and up

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