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Lions and Liars by Kate Beasley

In the food-chain theory of life, Frederick Frederickson is a flea and he wants to be a lion. He longs to be the boy in fifth grade who kids want around. Instead, Frederick breaks his nose playing dodgeball and hovers at the edge of the least popular kids. Then, through a series of boating mistakes and misunderstandings, Frederick ends up at a disciplinary camp for boys. He struggles for position in a whole new group of kids. But when a Category Five hurricane heads their way, the boys will learn that survival is much more important than status.

Filled with humor and unique characters, Lions and Liars will speak to middle grade readers who have trouble fitting in. Frederick’s experiences will have them laughing, shaking their heads, and cheering. This is a fun story about finding your place in spite of the craziness of life. And the excellent illustrations by Dan Santat are an added bonus.

Recommended ages--9-12 years old

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