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The Lake Effect by Erin McCahan

The Lake Effect by Erin McCahan

Briggs Henry has a rigid plan for his future--enjoy a summer job by the shores of Lake MIchigan and then college with no less than a six figure salary at the end. Money will be the end of all his troubles, and he is ready to put in the kind of work that requires. But Brigg’s summer throws him some curveballs. First, his eighty-four-year-old employer, Mrs. Bozic, wants him to spend the summer attending funerals and repainting her house. Also, there is Abigail, the girl next door who shows interest in him one minute and disappears the next.

Through the ups and downs of his summer, Briggs gains a new perspective on what really matters in life. I started this book with low expectations, but I grew to absolutely love the characters. I finished the book wanting to spend a summer by Lake Michigan and enjoy the wonderful people and atmosphere. I recommend The Lake Effect as perfect summer reading with humor and depth.

Recommended ages--14 and up

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