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Captain Superlative! By J.S. Puller

Captain Superlative! By J.S. Puller

Janey Silverman is content to be invisible at Deerwood Park Middle School. You don’t make many friends, but you also are never noticed by Dagmar Hagen, the popular soccer star who makes her bully victims feel small and worthless. But things start to change when Captain Superlative shows up at school. She comes complete with red mask, silver swimsuit, tights, a neon wig, and even a cape. Captain Superlative spreads kindness and smiles and all without caring what other students think.

Janey is perplexed by Captain Superlative, but also inspired. When Janey defends another student, Captain Superlative insists Janey become her sidekick. But does Janey have the courage to be a sidekick, especially if Captain Superlative isn’t always there? This inspiring middle grade/tween novel will reach a wide variety of readers. Most students should be able to identify with one of the characters and their different situations. With a story both heartwarming and sometimes difficult, Captain Superlative! illustrates the power of kindness that can always begin with just one.

Recommended ages--8 and up

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