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Pivot Point by Kacie West

Pivot Point by Kacie West

As a Searcher, Addie Coleman lives multiple lives--the future she chooses and the memories of what might have been. Her mental abilities allow her to see the future, but she can’t change it, only choose between two paths. When her parents divorce and ask her to choose where to live, Addie ‘searches’ her future. Pivot Point follows Addie's life on two different paths, but her final choice requires sacrifices she never expected.

Pivot Point is a young adult novel that includes realistic teen struggles with a hint of the paranormal thrown in. On one path, Addie faces life in a new school and an unfamiliar culture. Her other path follows life in the Compound where life revolves around people with unique mental abilities. A variety of teen readers will connect with this two sided story.

Recommended ages--12 and up

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