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As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds

As Brave as You by Jason Reynolds

When Genie’s parents send him and his older brother Ernie to Virginia for the summer, they are in for some surprises. Their Grandma has a list of chores and mile long and their Grandpop has all sorts of secrets. Grandpop’s plan for Ernie’s birthday is the craziest secret of all--one that Ernie isn’t happy about. Genie thinks it’s because Ernie is brave enough, but is being brave doing something? Or is it knowing when NOT to do something?

Jason Reynolds’s As Brave as You is a wonderful coming of age story. Genie’s experience teaches about the trials and blessings of family. He learns about making mistakes, taking responsibility, and how to give and receive forgiveness. A wonderful summer story set in a small, hot Virginia country town.

Recommended ages--10-12 years old

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